Aileen Hoe

Director of English Champ

Educating needs to be from the heart, not the head.


Christine Wee

Head of English & ICAS

Never ever give up on any learner – no matter the pace, he/she will...


Alicia Soon

Head of Preschool and Special Education Needs

We who can, teach; those who cannot, do other occupations.


Woo Han Zhang

English Coach

A tinkerer of things, seeker of facts, lover of all that is peculiar.


Vicky Ang

English Coach

An educator and a forever learner trying to make the world a better place,...


June Se

Shadow Aide

Education is fair for all learners

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Sharmila Mathivanan

Kinder Champ Teacher

Outstanding teachers inspire a love of learning


Vanessa Perera

Kinder Champ Teacher

Cleverness is a gift, kindness is a choice

Fan Lao Shi

Huan Siew Meng (Fan Lao Shi)

Kinder Champ Teacher

Every child is a big thinker. It takes a big heart to teach them


Eunice Tan

Mandarin Coach

If one cannot learn the way they were taught, teach in a way they...


Le’Jane Tan

Administration and Operation Intern

Every cloud has a silver lining