June Se

Shadow Aide

Education is fair for all learners


Farah Zafri

Administrative Trainee

Be the best version of yourself


Aileen Hoe

Director of English Champ

Educating needs to be from the heart, not the head.

Teacher Christine

Christine Wee

Principal, ICAS Coordinator

Never ever give up on any learner – no matter the pace, he/she will...


Woo Han Zhang

English Teacher

A tinkerer of things, seeker of facts, lover of all that is peculiar.

Teacher Ally

Alicia Soon

Special needs Teacher, K2/3 Teacher

We who can, teach; those who cannot, do other occupations.


Carmen Low

Mandarin Teacher

Nurturing a child is like moulding clay; all they need is love, care and...


Raswanti Apparaju

K1 Teacher

By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn.


Mallar Selvi Naicker

Trainee Teacher

The journey of education instills good foundations