Aileen Hoe

Director of English Champ

Educating needs to be from the heart, not the head.


Christine Wee

Principal, ICAS Coordinator

Never ever give up on any learner – no matter the pace, he/she will...


Alicia Soon

Special needs Teacher, Head of Kinder Champ

We who can, teach; those who cannot, do other occupations.


Woo Han Zhang

English Teacher

A tinkerer of things, seeker of facts, lover of all that is peculiar.


June Se

Shadow Aide

Education is fair for all learners

Pei Yen (pic)

Hew Pei Yen

Administrative and Operations Trainee

Nurture the kids to greatness, within clear guidelines.

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Sharmila Mathivanan

Kinder Champ Teacher

Play, Learn and Grow together


Amanda Heng

Mandarin Teacher

Accept children for who they are

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Alecesandra Binti Junis

Trainee Teacher

Strive for progress, not perfection