What Do Preschool Age Children Need to Start Writing?

What Do Preschool Age Children Need to Start Writing?

ManWhat Do Preschool Age Children Need to Start Writing? 1y would think that the prerequisite skills for children at the preschool age to start writing would be hand-eye coordination. However, did you know that one of the most important prerequisite skills before your child can start writing is to have a strong core?

Imagine that your child sits on a chair to attempt tabletop tasks. He would need to be able to hold his body weight upright while sitting on the chair. As he leans forward to place his arms on the table to pick up a pencil to scribble, he is using his core to balance the top half of his body weight to either lean forward or backward.

Whilst using his arms and placing them on the table for minimal support, he is also using his legs to place on the floor to find balance. With a strong core, your child is able to sit at the table with ease. With an activated core, your child can maintain a proper sitting posture which does not create stress to certain body parts and this helps with your child’s overall physical development.

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