Teachers' Training Programme

Making learning fun and using the visual, auditory, kinaesthetic learning approach, we conduct training for teachers and educators on how to use music and movement, and speech and drama in teaching English to speakers and non-speakers of the English language. Teachers will be engaged in 80% activities whilst the remaining 20% will comprise pre-activity discussions, post-activity debriefing and reflection. This is an experiential learning workshop and the participants will be working in groups/ pairs/ individually throughout the session where they will be equipped with the skills of being a remarkable English teacher using a variety of activities in the classroom to complement their English lessons.

Some of the takebacks for the teachers include being better able to connect emotions and the English language, be more aware of the usage of body gestures and eye contact to connect with others, communicate better with facial expressions, use voice projection and body gestures, and understand the deeper purpose of using music and movement, and speech and drama in teaching English.

Being equipped with these tools, the teachers are also able to enhance their observation skills, improvisation skills, creativity and problem-solving skills, active listening, leadership skills and team work including building relationship, trust and support amongst the students.

Using music and movement as well as speech and drama in teaching English helps greatly in enhancing the learning of vocabulary and basic grammar skills, and develop reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

All in all, even without a formal training in music and drama, the teachers will be able to plan, execute and lead their English lessons using music and movement, and speech and drama activities confidently, objectively and effectively after going through this training.

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