What is the Kinder Champ Programme

The Kinder Champ Programme is divided into three groups based on the age and abilities of the child:-
2-3 years
 4-5 years
K2, K3
5-6 years
This pre-school programme serves as an introduction to a structured learning environment for children before entering a pre-school or school.
9.00 am – 12.00 pm
12.15 pm – 1.00 pm
Drop-off time
8.30 am onwards

What sets our programme apart?

Kinder Champ 1


  • Clean and safe surroundings with wall posters and thematic decorations in the classroom.
  • Toys, puzzles and materials are specially selected and displayed to develop thinking and critical thinking skills
Kinder Champ 2

Manners and respect

  • Children learn to interact with their peers and adults in a respectful manner using words like “Please”, “May I”, “Thank you”.
Kinder Champ 3


  • Fun and educational to promote speaking and listening skills, and reading and writing skills as the children progress.
  • Delivered through story-telling, class chants, role-play, finger-play, art & craft, music & movement and experiential learning activities including excursions.

Looking for a safe and engaging environment for your child to learn and grow?

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Kinder Champ Programme Structure

Kinder Champ 4


Monthly thematic lessons

Animal Kingdom, Superheroes, Spring Time, Endangered Animals, Cultures around the World, Transportation and many more themes to promote the learning of vocabulary, grammar structure and understanding of concepts.


  • We emphasize on both reading methods – Phonetics and Sight Words.
  • Step-by-step approach from learning about the names and sounds of the letters leading to the blends and sight words concurrently.
  •  We read and tell stories to the children and at times let them fill in the blanks to build their vocabulary skills and the general intuition of the language.


  • Pre-writing skills from holding a small ball to finger tracing and eventually the usage of age appropriate stationeries.
  • Colouring, scribbling, free-style drawing, pasting and tracing are part of writing skills training.

Speaking & Listening Skills

  • Show & Tell are carried out to promote confidence in speaking in front of an audience with a purpose.
  • Children are given either a specific topic or a range of topics to choose from to present their item in front of their peers.
Kinder Champ 5

Science in English

  • Little Scientists is a hands-on and enquiry-based learning program
  • For children aged 3 to 6 years old.
  • The program is in line with the National Preschool Standard Curriculum (KSPK) that emphasizes on the development of children’s cognitive capabilities through object manipulation.
  • Students will have their own fun filled experiment kits.
Kinder Champ 6

Mathematics in English

  • Euler Maths is a creative and fun learning maths programme
  • For children aged 4 to 6.
  • The program is in line with the National Preschool Standard Curriculum (KSPK) that emphasizes on the development of children’s cognitive capabilities through object manipulation.
  • Children will be introduced to the basic concepts of maths through fun activities and hands-on learning experience.
  • The content is delivered from the simple to the complex to help the children to develop confidence and proficiency in Maths.
Kinder Champ 7

Living Skills

  • Develop their fine and gross motor skills through various activities.
  • We provide aids for them to do lacing, handle buttons, zips and fasteners, and basic carpentry works for them to practice on.
  • They also learn to enjoy the experience of preparing their own snacks such as baking and making their own sandwiches, tarts or pizza.
Kinder Champ 8


  • Children are taught to appreciate the beauty of the Mandarin language through singing, chanting, story-telling and music & movement.
  • Odonata Modules.
    • They are exposed to the first hundred Chinese characters through flashcards and story books
Kinder Champ 9

Music & Movement

  • A structured and progressive programme from the U.K. for the initial teaching of music that aims to develop children’s musical skills.
  • Based on the principles of Hungarian music educator, Zoltán Kodály, teaching and learning is done through singing so that children can immediately be music makers without the demands of learning to play an instrument.
  • The key musical skills taught are pulse, rhythm, pitch, musical memory and inner hearing. 
  • K2 classes are also introduced to basic keyboard lessons.
Kinder Champ 10

Speech & Drama

  • Speaking and dramatization are the earliest forms of skills that children acquire naturally.
  • By coaching the little drama queens and kings through what they do best, children learn to respect and accept other people’s ideas, characteristics and differences.
  • In the process, your child will become a better communicator, more self-confident, creative and expressive. 
Kinder Champ 11

Malay Language

  • Malay is taught through singing and dancing to the classic and new Malay tunes.
  • Children are also exposed to ‘suku kata’ through flashcards, rhymes and books.
  • Traditional Malay poems and stories are also taught during the lessons.
  •  As a majority of our children are not native speakers of the language, our educators use Music & Movement, and Art & Craft to provide directions in the language and expose them to Malay vocabulary through the demonstration of shapes, colours, strokes and actions in their artwork.
Kinder Champ 12

Physical Play

  • Fine-tune their motor skills, coordination skills and sense of balance.
  • Although we do not have the accessibility to a playground, we have instead created our very own indoor play area using motor-skill development equipment including tunnels, tactile paths, steps, hoops, bars and hop-scotch mat
  • Encourage children to strengthen their muscles and stretch their limbs.
Kinder Champ 13

Story Time & Library Access

  • To inculcate the love for reading, it is best for children to be exposed to story books from a very young age.
  • Parents and educators play a vital role in encouraging the child to read by first exploring books that are age appropriate and then reading together with the child.
  • Story time is one of our regular activities where we huddle and read a book that is related to our theme for the month, with expression and intonation.
  • Educators take the opportunity to instill good habits in the children and correct misbehaviour in class by selecting relevant titles and discussing the storyline with the children.
  • We allow a child to borrow up to two books home to read at any point in time.
Kinder Champ 14

Quiet Time

  • Soft tunes are played in the background to help calm the children while they close their eyes and wind-down in between activities.
  • Lights are turned off to create a less stimulating environment before they are led into the next activity.
Kinder Champ 15

Snack Time

  • Learn socially acceptable ethics while eating with their peers – sitting and eating with the correct posture, usage of fingers and cutlery, and raising their hands to request for food in a respectful and appreciative manner.
  • Picky eaters? They may decide to try out food that they would not normally take after observing their friends eating them.
  • Snacks: – fruits, biscuits, buns and non-creamed cakes.
  • Those who are allergic to certain ingredients and food items are required to inform the staff upon registration.)
  • We sometimes organise themed parties, such as “fruit party” and “vegetable party” to stir the children’s interest in instilling healthy eating habits.
  • All children must bring along their own water bottle to school as we encourage them to drink water during snack time and in between activities.
  • Children are also taught about personal hygiene – washing their hands before and after meals and eating with their chins over their bowls/ plates.

Looking for a safe and engaging environment for your child to learn and grow?

We’ve got you covered! Reach out to us to set an appointment which includes an assessment and consultation, no strings attached