A creative writing course that creates learners who are thinkers, empowered, curious and happy (TECH Learners)

Does your child have a limited vocabulary and use ordinary words to express his or her extraordinary ideas?

Is your child creative and yet has difficulty in organising his or her flow and ideas in writing?

Does your child have a fiery passion and aspires to be an author?

Creative Writing 1

Creative Writing Programme Structure (7-16 Years Old)

This programme employs learning techniques which include active learning strategies to facilitate understanding, retention and output. Learners will participate actively in individual, pair work and group activities which allow them to learn, develop and practise their writing skills.

Whilst helping your child acquire better writing skills to write specific text forms or genres, with the right structure and guidance to develop a range of strategies and skills, writers will gain confidence and creativity in writing in no time!

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My child is between 10 and 15 years old

Welcome to Champ Writers Workshop where your child can learn the skillsets to WRITE and PRESENT EFFECTIVELY and CONFIDENTLY.

Your child can nail his/her creative writing! At the end of the workshop, your child can weave a good formal or informal letter with correct syntax and advanced grammar skills to persuade and convince the readers.

Creative Writing 2

What Are The Benefits Of This Workshop?

In our Champ Writers workshop on Creative Writing, your child will learn the elements that will lead to logical thinking and communication to express oneself. Your child will learn to organise one’s unique ideas and put the creative thoughts into words. Your child will also be taught presentation skills to effectively showcase his or her own written work and connect with his or her audience.

Creative Writing 3

More Exciting Workshops To Come!

May and June – Historical

July and August – Procedural

September and October – Science

November and December – Characterisation: Superheroes and Supervillains

Want your child to be a confident writer in no time?

Let your child gain the right writing skills in our step-by-step module in creative writing. Join us today!