Creative Writing Programme Structure (7-16 Years Old)

This programme is intended to help the students acquire better writing skills to write specific text forms or genres. Students need structure and guidance to help them develop a range of strategies and skills. This will help them improve their confidence and creativity in writing.
Creative Writing 1

Course Methodology

This programme employs learning techniques which include active learning strategies to facilitate understanding, retention and output. Students will participate actively in individual, pair work and group activities which allow them to learn, develop and practise their creative writing skills.
Creative Writing 2

Fiction Writing

Ride the train to discover the joy of narrative and descriptive writing where the world is open to creativity and different writing techniques to spice up your child’s writing. Let this empower your child to write with confidence.
Creative Writing 3

Non-fiction Writing

Let your child explore the variety from persuasive to expository writing and widen his or her knowledge on research and facts. This would also advance your child on the usage of grammar, punctuation and vocabulary as well as developing structure and organisation.

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