Yap Yee Teng

Leadership Mentor

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Years in the Industry: 1 years

Designations: Leadership Mentor

Yee Teng started getting into the industry by tutoring her younger cousins after completing her A-level in Sunway College. She decided to further explore teaching as she enjoys seeing learners’ happy faces after each class. From a young girl who was too shy to order her favourite roti bakar to someone who bickers with teachers all the time, Teacher Yee Teng has had her fair share of ups and downs in her journey of learning how to lead. She was the Secretary of the school Prefectorial Board and Environmental Club, Treasurer of the school Volleyball Club, and Art Section Captain of her sports house. Here’s a little secret ; she initially took up all these positions to look cool in front of the juniors! But as she slowly understood her roles, she realised how her leadership skills have shaped her to become the lively Yee Teng she is today. 

To her, the most important thing in becoming a good leader is to share. No matter if it is to share the good times and the bad times or even simple things like your favourite type of bread, one shall be open to sharing with his/her team. She believes that sharing can connect people. Teacher Yee Teng strives to guide her  learners to find the confidence to become leaders. 

She enjoys baking in her pastime. However, she is too lazy to get new batteries for her weighing balance so she has been applying the legendary concept of “ agak- agak “ to measure her ingredients. She also sketches and paints when she gets tired of brownies that are never sweet enough.