Vicky Ang

Head of English & English Coach

An educator and a forever learner trying to make the world a better place, one step at a time

Years in the Industry: 7 years

Designations: Creative Writing Coach, Little Champ Teacher

Trained as a social worker with a background in photography, Vicky is now a freelance speech & drama teacher and English tutor, who also occasionally writes reports and manuals for NGOs. Although she is unable to practise social work professionally, she takes her social outreach initiative (PFTP) very seriously and tries to organise projects for children in need. She continues her passion in photography as a hobby, occasionally taking pictures of flowers, food and babies. When the day is cool and nice, you may find Vicky baking or cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

If asked what her achievements in life are, Vicky will tell you that she survived a major surgery in her 20s that replaced 2 of her spinal discs into titanium + silicone ones! Also, she battled 35.5 hours of labour and natural child birth without epidural (not by choice but the artificial spinal discs made that impossible!) Random skills to note include typing more than 100 wpm, acting for fun and planning surprises/ events.

Proud mama of a little boy, Vicky enjoys reading and watching drama series or family-life documentaries when she has time to unwind! She is passionate and driven to create empowered individuals who make up a better society!

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