Umi Aiman

Kinder Champ Teacher (Trainee)

Education is not one size fits all.

Years in the Industry: < 1 year

Designation: Assistant Teacher

Umi is a fresh graduate in Bachelor’s of Human Development from the University
of Waikato, New Zealand. She hopes to pursue her Master’s in Teaching and
become a kindergarten teacher. She believes that everyone is a teacher and a
student in their own right, and that lessons are everywhere if you pay attention to
your surroundings.

Her goal is to support teachers and students in achieving their academic goals by
accommodating to their different working and learning styles. With this, she
hopes to build a positive learning and working environment in the classroom. Umi
looks forward to being a part of the growth and development in the students and
teachers she is supporting.

She has represented her school and club associations throughout middle school
up until university in sports such as volleyball, basketball, football and netball.
One of her greatest achievements is completing the hike at Mount Tongariro in
New Zealand, twice. In her free time, Umi likes to draw and paint on her iPad,
hang out and watch movies, and play with her cat.

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