Justine Chan

Mandarin Coach

To teach is to learn

Years in the industry : 4 years

Designation : Mandarin teacher

Justine, or Teacher Chan, is a law graduate from the University of London. She has been in the education industry for 4 years since the completion of her Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM). Despite studying law, she has been a dedicated educator out of her study time. She is passionate in teaching as she holds her motto – to teach is to learn twice. Throughout her education career, she commits to learn from other educators as well as her learners. Thus she continues to enlighten the others using her skills, knowledge and experience.

Teacher Chan believes that learning a language is not that difficult as long as the teacher is persistent in guiding the learners through the learning process. Coaching learners to master basic Mandarin not only help them with a new language, but also prompt them to have a challenging mindset and build their confidence.

Teacher Chan aims to create a positive Mandarin learning environment for the learners. She aspires to make sure that the capacity to obtain knowledge and explore the unknown is passed on to the next generation.