Tan Xinyee

English Coach

Learning never exhausts the mind and the beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.

Years in the industry: 2 years

Catering to the learners’ needs is what Xinyee does when it comes to teaching. Every learner is different and to be able to cater to their needs would be a great help in supporting them to learn more and have fun in the process of learning. She holds a degree in Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English Education.

A book lover who loves to buy books whenever she visits a bookstore, she has a collection of poems and novels by the same author. Reading has always been one of her favourite things to do during her free time. Besides that, she loves to play badminton and does that weekly.

Xinyee seeks to be a better version of herself. She likes to be able to talk to the learners in what they are interested in and to get to know them better. By knowing the learners, a teacher would be able to find out which teaching style is suitable for them to be able to learn better.