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Sharmila Mathivanan

Kinder Champ Teacher

Outstanding teachers inspire a love of learning

Years in the industry: 6 years

Designation: K1 Class Teacher

Teacher Sharmila has experience as an administrator, after-school programme aide and coordinator, language teacher and tutor for learners of various levels. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

As an educator, she believes that learning is lifelong and she never fails to renew her skills with a broad range of professional training. She believes that the skills she learns will be a toolkit towards her learners’ achievement. She promotes fun learning in her teaching ideas and classroom activities, which is aligned with English Champ’s slogan, ‘We make learning fun’.

Her enthusiasm and commitment towards teaching have transitioned her learners to progress in their academics and achieved excellent outcomes. She is an attentive and adaptable preschool teacher. She leverages her learners’ feedback or performance to create dynamic lesson plans and classroom activities. She demonstrates high-quality teaching and in depth subject knowledge. 

 In her spare time, she does charity work such as preparing and distributing food for homeless people in the city. This gives her satisfaction towards the purpose of life.

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