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Roshini Surendran

English Coach

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows

Years in industry: 4 – 5 years

Client Relations Exec in a digital marketing agency.


Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Mass Communication 3+0 in Collaboration with University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. Roshini is passionate about teaching and wants to do her Masters in Education in order for her to learn effective techniques of teaching and to be able to help students learn through creative methods. Her goal is to attend to each student based on their needs and to ensure they learn beyond what they believe they are capable of. Her motive is to teach in interesting ways where the lesson is interesting and unique. She believes the education industry needs to change their mainstream way of teaching by making every lesson fun and effective instead.

She was very active in her English Club back in school where she participated in Choral Speaking, Debate and Public Speaking as well. She enjoys taking part in competitions as it is an opportunity for her to sharpen her skills and to learn from others. She also was the Programme Coordinator for The University Hertfordshire Club in University. She enjoyed organising events and assisting in every orientation. She always kept herself occupied with extracurricular activities in order for her to learn other skills.

She has a huge interest in arts and crafts. She often spends her free time painting or making something from scratch. She believes it relaxes her mind and uses it as a platform to bring out her inner creativity.

Roshini is very artistically inclined. She has won a few art competitions in school and worked as an art teacher before as well. She decided to pursue Mass Comm however when she realised she has better communication and writing skills. She often expresses her needs and opinions while understanding others’ needs and thoughts as well. She believes communication is the key in building any strong relationship.