Wan Ruqaiyah Nurminnurain

English Coach

“It’s never too early or too late to learn new things”

Years in the Industry: >4 years

Designations: English Coach

With a background in English Literature and Linguistics, Qai is fully equipped with the knowledge and intricacies of the English language, including Morphology, History of English, Poetry, Drama and Grammatical Analysis. Her passion in the science and art of language has inspired her love for creative writing and its process. Qai’s interests are broad– Science, Art, Language, History, Geography, Political Science, and even Sports! This can be seen from the wide array of certifications she has received, which includes Python Programming from University Malaya, French Language Certification from Intercultural Language School Malaysia, and Understanding Meaning and Modern Art from the Museum of Modern Art. (To add: she also loves catching tadpoles, mothering cats and collecting stickers, although there are no certificates for these interests, unfortunately.) She also won awards for poetry, art, and archery competitions and has been involved in theatre productions and international debate tournaments throughout her years in university.

As a daughter of two academicians, she believes that the importance of knowledge and education for children starts young, and that learning should be fun! From dreaming of becoming an astronomer, to a creative writer, and now a teacher, Qai believes that a child can have many dreams and interests at once, that you should always have passion and love to learn and relearn and unlearn and learn again, and that learning comes in many different experiences, shapes, sizes, and forms.