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Nurain Najwa

Marketing Executive (Trainee)

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”

Years in the industry: < 1 year

Nurain is a graduate from Universiti Sains Malaysia majoring in Bachelor of Art (Hons.) English for Professionals. With a background in language studies, she developed a major interest in translation and she later went on to work as a freelance translator on various freelancing platforms as well as with a translation agency. As a freelance translator, she had the privilege of communicating and negotiating with clients from different countries including the United Kingdom, Singapore, the Philippines and many others.

She is a firm believer in learning as a life-long process that allows us, human beings, to explore, learn and grow, while also motivating us to enhance our own quality of life. She believes that making efforts to develop oneself is extremely important in order to have a positive impact not only on oneself but also on those around them. Hence, Nurain aspires to drive more students to acquire knowledge not only through formal education but also through invaluable life experiences.

She had also been actively involved in a number of volunteer programmes aimed primarily at assisting the poor, children, students, the homeless and the elderly. Some of her most significant contributions to volunteering programmes were in the Asean+3 Volunteer Camp, Synergy Volunteer USM x Japan and Volunteer Travelogue. In her spare time, she enjoys learning foreign languages such as Korean and Japanese, watching movies and eating!

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