Kenny Tan

English Coach

You don’t know what you don’t know… until you fail. Then you grow.

Years in the Industry: 6 years

Designation: English Coach

Baking sourdough is one of Kenny’s passions. If there’s anything you need to know about sourdough, is that you’ll eat many loaves of failure before you get any good at it. Not excellent, just good. Excellent is still a long way away. And Kenny is far from quitting.

Kenny learns more from his mistakes than his successes so he’s learned to make more mistakes faster. He has learned a lot since. Hence his motto “Fail Faster”. He not only teaches that it’s okay to make mistakes, he encourages it.

His education and career are a mixed bag of a little bit of this and that. Kenny began with a BA in psychology with plans to move on to criminal psychology. After a stint with Malaysian Care doing social work, he found that psychology wasn’t quite his cup of tea. That’s when he moved on to advertising where he stuck around for 10 years, writing everything from pamphlets to TV commercials, winning a few awards here and there. While he loved the work, the hours it demanded took him away from his family, and he decided career change would do him good. Ever since, after getting his CELTA, he’s been teaching English.

In addition to sourdough, Kenny’s also passionate about play. Play may be seem to be just fun and games, but for him, it’s also an opportunity to learn. As such, he’s always thinking about how to include play and games into the classroom.

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