Fan Lao Shi

Huan Siew Meng (Fan Lao Shi)

Kinder Champ Teacher

Every child is a big thinker. It takes a big heart to teach them

Years in the Industry: 23 years

Designations: Mandarin Teacher

She is an experienced teacher who obtained her teaching certification in 1996 and has taught in primary schools for over 19 years. She always encourages learners to think out of the box when solving problems and strongly believes that fun and creative lessons are the best methods for learners to learn. She places great importance on ensuring her learners enjoy the process of learning while expanding their knowledge. ‘Never give up’ is a principle that she has upheld throughout her teaching career. She firmly believes that each child has the potential to be a great person and she strives to do her best to guide them towards their dream. Learning Chinese is fun and exciting. She intends to guide the learners to explore the wonderful world of Chinese culture and tradition. She hopes that everyone can learn and master Chinese communication skills and knowledge while having fun in the process.

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