Pei Yen (pic)

Hew Pei Yen

Administrative and Operations Trainee

Nurture the kids to greatness, within clear guidelines.

Years in the Industry: 1.5

Profile: Pei Yen graduated with Bachelor of Mass Communication in 2019. Although she is in touch with media events, her passion is in connecting with children. She was the content creator of workbooks at her previous work place where she also taught children and adolescents with dyslexia and learning disabilities. She proposed independent thinking while associating fun with important tech information.

Pei Yen leads a fast-paced lifestyle in which she works hard from Mondays to Fridays and enjoys interacting with her family and friends on the weekends. She prefers to read or practice yoga when she has a sense of ennui. She is also interested in increasing her financial skills and critical thinking skills for new idea development. A curious cat lover, Pei Yen loves to solve life mysteries, have a better health, and achieve personal relations.

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