Christine Wee

Head of ICAS & English Coach

Never ever give up on any learner – no matter the pace, he/she will improve.

Years in the Industry: 45 years

Designations: Champ Writers, Junior Champ, Magnificent Champ, and Prep Principal, ICAS Coordinator

“Abracadabra”. Poof! Everyone can be better in using the English Language.

Christine Wee is a college-trained wizard majoring in English Language, so she is very particular with her students using the language, be it verbal or written. This wizard is juicing up brains with more creativity in Creative Writing classes. “Abracadabra”.

Another passion of hers is acting. She had undergone a half-year workshop by Encik Rizal who was under the tutelage of artistic director Joe Hasham, the founder of KLPac. Her teaching combined with acting becomes lively and more enjoyable.

She is an experienced teacher (45 years’ experience), ICAS Coordinator and one of the directors of the company. Her teaching experiences vary from kindergarten to secondary levels; adults and foreign students. She has also taught Bahasa Malaysia at primary levels and to adults. She is able to use the sign language after having taught the hearing-impaired. She has never given up on any of her students as she has proven her tagline to be true. We believe you would definitely gain from her knowledge and experiences.

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