Carmen Low

Mandarin Teacher

Nurturing a child is like moulding clay; all they need is love, care and lots of play!

Years in the Industry:6

Designations: Mandarin Teacher

Profile: Teacher Carmen graduated from United Kingdom Northumbria University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. She had six years working experience in education and is a mother of 2 kids. This has prepared her to be very patient and have strong communication skills with kids.

Teacher Carmen is tasked to teach mandarin and often times that is quite a challenging task with children who have not heard of the language! They would think she’s an alien speaking in an alien language. Luckily for the children, her creativity has helped her come up with interesting ideas, materials, games and other surprises that bridges the gap in their understanding. She believes that by learning through play, children will be able to absorb the knowledge much faster, enjoy the learning process, and foster a healthy relationship with the teacher. She also welcomes discussions with parents on ways to help their children.

When she isn’t teaching, you can find her in the kitchen cooking and baking away! She would also share this passion with the students whenever she gets the chance to. The more important thing is to share the end product with everyone! Yummy!

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