Ally Soon

Head of Preschool and Special Education Needs

We who can, teach; those who cannot, do other occupations.

Years in the Industry: 7 years

Designations: Special Need Education, Teacher Trainer, Committee Member of The Music and Arts Ministry at The Life Chapel

Alicia or better known as Teacher Ally, is our resident over achiever who received first class honours for her Bachelor degree of Arts with Honours in Education (Special Education Needs) from the University of Nottingham. She was also awarded the Dean’s Excellency Award in 2011 and has acquired certification as a Personal Learning Assistant (PLA). She is an avid believer of continuous learning and has further training in Behavioural Management based on Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA). In addition to all that, she is looking to expand her skills in the area of Social Emotional Learning. Aside from academic achievements, she has been playing the piano since the age of 7 and dancing ballet for over 7 years. She has a strong interest in the music and arts which she brings to the class with her to engage her learners.

Despite her illustrious educational background, Teacher Ally has a caring and fun-loving personality who always strives to live up to the company tagline: to make learning fun! Her experience in cognitive skills training helps her to identify the root cause of learners’ struggles and device games to help boost the cognitive skills.  This skill also helps her guide parents on how they can assist and enhance their child’s learning. She hopes to pass on her skills as an educator to anyone who has an interest to continually grow and learn, be it parents or teachers, to ensure that our learners will always have access to excellent quality education.

When she is not working, you may find her wrapped up in yarn doing needlework, playing games and wiggling and jiggling to the beat, beat, beat.

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