Activities we do to further nurture our young ones

Our Activities and Initiatives 1

Kinder Champ Programme

We organise monthly excursions based on the theme for the given month. The locations range from playgrounds to theatres to science centres! All to support a wholesome learning experience for the children.

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Our Activities and Initiatives 2

Support for Parents and Families

Events that are tailor-made for parents are held from time-to-time. We understand that parents play an important role in a child’s growth and that they would also need support and guidance in that process.

Our Activities and Initiatives 3

Star Champ

The Champ Writers, Junior Champs and Magnificent Champs get to meet real-life heroes who have made a difference in the community. Our children will interview them to find out more about their endeavours.

Our Activities and Initiatives 4

Community Programmes

We have worked closely and will continue to do so with Little Yellow Education Foundation to provide them support in educating their children.

Our Activities and Initiatives 5

Adult Training / Workshop

We host annual training and workshops for adults such as first aid training to prepare for unforeseen circumstances, and teacher’s training to maintain quality services and competent teachers.

Our Activities and Initiatives 6

Annual Events

Every year end, we hold a recital at KuAsh Theatre where our children sing, dance, act and perform for their parents. It serves as a great opportunity for them to build confidence on stage and learn to work with others to ensure the success of the event.