A. Select the correct answer:

B. Read the text and answer the following questions:

The sun shone brightly into my eyes. I squinted as I looked out of the window. We had stopped at Bondi Beach.

The beach was crowded with people. Some of them were strolling and mostly children were running everywhere. There were people resting under beach umbrellas. There were a number of teenagers playing volleyball.

Different types of sandcastles were being built. Some of the sandcastles were decorated with seashells and pebbles. They looked lovely.

The sea was filled with swimmers and those who just wanted to play with water. There were sailboats out in the sea. Up in the sky were paragliders moving along with the wind. They looked like birds flying around. What a beautiful sight!

My friend and I would have loved to be at the beach but we did not have time for that. It was just a short visit and the bus moved on after dropping many passengers. My friend and I did not go down as we were on our way to another destination. My heart felt heavy to leave Bondi Beach.

Answer the questions:

C. Make sentences with the following words:

D. Continue this story and write about 50 – 100 words: