Junior Champ & Magnificent Champ Online Assessment

Instructions for Parents

  1. Testing duration should be a maximum of 45 minutes.
  2. We would like to understand the true capabilities of your child, as such kindly allow the child to attempt the assessment on their own. No guidance should be provided to the child with regards to the assessment.
  3. The child should answer what they are able to and skip the sections that they do not comprehend. If the child is struggling on a question, they can be advised to move on to the next question instead.
  4. While attempting the assessment, the child should rely on their own knowledge and should NOT:
    • - use any dictionary
    • - search for external information (internet, reference books, encyclopedias etc.)

The Benefits of This Assessment

This assessment allows us to understand the child’s proficiency in English and whether they are ready to follow along the tasks that will be presented in our programmes. From there, we can determine their placement in a suitable programme.

How can we support?

Contact us to set a non-obligatory and complimentary 30-minute appointment where we will discuss the results of the assessment, going into detail on the strengths of your child and challenges they are facing. We will also provide recommendations for suitable classes for your child so that they may receive the right support in developing their language and communication skills.

Pointers for the Child

  1. Don’t take too long for one question. If you are unsure, just move on.
  2. There are no wrong answers for the writing section.