How to Send an Email by Aubrey


Purpose: A set of instructions in detail on how to send an email.


  • Any electronics that can compose an email
  • Internet


  1. Firstly, open email.
  2. Secondly, click compose on the top left.
  3. Thirdly, enter the recipient’s email.
  4. Next, type in the topic or the subject of the email. 
  5. Then, enter the message you wish to send.
  6. You can also format your text by highlighting the font and clicking on the font button where there are various functions such as bolding your text and making your text underlined.
  7. It is optional to attach a file by pressing on the pin button next to the font button.
  8. On the third button of the bottom bar, you are also free to enter whatsoever link in your email.
  9. Also, you could enter emojis on the fourth button.
  10. Afterwards, inserting files using drive and photos are allowed by clicking on the fifth and sixth button.
  11. Function on making your email confidential is also  provided in the second last button in the bar.
  12. At this point, you can click on the last button in the bottom bar to insert your signature.
  13. Lastly, press the ‘send’ button to send your email.