It has been two weeks since Champ’s Got Talent was launched. This search for the next voice talents for Learning Box Kids has surely impacted the children a lot in their learning progress. We have read through on how joining this competition boosts confidence, expands children’s imagination and improves their learning skills. Do you know that participating in the event would also provide them with good work ethics?

Yes- creating good ethics among children can start as early as the age of 5 years old!

Work ethics can be defined as the belief of moral virtues of hard work. Doing work diligently or working hard produces great outcomes. It is important to establish strong work ethics in the early years of a child because at this age, they pick up things at a faster pace and they are able to absorb so much. 

How do you instill exemplary working ethics in a child?


Be a role model for your children

Children are most likely to mimic their parents’ actions. Remember the saying ‘Actions speak louder than words’? When you do something in front of your child, they are actually watching. Hence, always be mindful as you act and speak. After all, children are known as the little pitchers with ears.

Give age-appropriate responsibilities 

Work habits can start early but do make sure that they are attainable for your children’s age. It would be better if you start this habit early because they are usually rooted by the time they turn 9. There are plenty of things children can do- feeding a pet, cleaning the table and even washing the dishes when you know they are ready for such responsibility. 

Offer encouragement and praise 

Whenever you give your child work to do, always encourage him to do his best. A child’s brain is so powerful that detecting the positive reinforcement helps a lot in boosting their performance. They feel more thrilled to get the job done. On top of that, praise them for their amazing effort and hard work.