How To Fold A ‘Scott’s Plane’ by Matthew

How To Fold A ‘Scott’s Plane’ by Matthew 1


To learn how to fold paper scott’s planes


A piece of paper


  1. First, lay a piece of paper vertically on the tabletop and fold the paper in half, lengthwise. Then, crease and unfold.
  2.  Secondly, fold both the top 2 corners to meet at the center. Fold a line and crease.
  3. This is followed by folding the top triangle down over center and creasing it.
  4. Next, fold the right corner to meet at the centerfold. Then, crease. Repeat with the left corner.
  5. After that, fold the small triangle peeking out from under the folds created in Step 4 up over the center and crease.
  6. Subsequently, fold along the center line so that the small triangle is on the belly of the plane and crease it. Then, fold a 10 degree line, crease. Repeat this step with other side.

    Bonus tips : make this plane from a larger piece of paper and throw it from an upper window. It’ll catch the wind and really fly!