How Can Voice-Over Help Improve Your Child’s Language Skills?

How Can Voice-Over Help Improve Your Child’s Language Skills? 1

In the previous articles, we have touched on two benefits of becoming a voice-actor- boosting confidence and increasing imagination that stimulate a child’s brain development. Another key takeaway that you would not want to forget is that this activity improves one’s skills; be it their speaking, acting or learning skills.

Do you want to know how voice-over can contribute to your child’s language skills? Continue reading below to know more!


Improve pronunciation

Knowing the English is important. What’s more important is that you are able to pronounce the English word correctly. A clear pronunciation helps in delivering the message efficiently to the audience. This is an experience that we all would like to have upon listening to educational materials.


Enhance fluency and speaking skills

Voice-over acting is not a one-day progress. It requires repetitive effort in being successful at the language. While listening skills can sharpen the child’s grasp on the language, speaking out loud has been proven to lubricate the child’s fluency as they become more familiar with the sounds and rhythms of the language.


Practice better intonation

Intonation is very important on how the audience perceives the message being delivered by the speaker. When you read a script, don’t just change your voice or make it flat- change the way you speak! Pitch out your emotions into and hit the syllables differently to make different impacts. This offers character building and simultaneously makes your child a better voice-over talent!