Expand Your Child’s Imagination!

Expand Your Child’s Imagination! 1

Voice-over offers a lot of advantages for children’s brain developmental process. This includes being able to be creative and have imaginations. 

Have you seen your child playing with their dinosaurs and making the sounds of the extinct creatures? Or maybe when their dolls tripped off and they mimic the crying voices and then later calm them down?

Fret not- this is a sign of a healthy child! It is normal for children to be in a state of imaginative play especially in the early years of their lives. 

So what exactly is imaginative play?

In simple words, it is role play. These adorable cuties narrate a plot and engage their creative thinking to design their own ‘set’ in their minds and become their favourable character in it.

A child’s imagination is limitless; beds become boats with sheets as sails, out on a wild sea made of pillows or tea towels become capes of invisibility, flying out behind a child who is now a superhero. Don’t you feel how amazing their minds work?

Expanding their imagination in their early years is crucial in developing their psychological and emotional capacities that helps them to tackle problems, create new possibilities and even change the world one day.

Do you want to know more of the importances of having imaginative play in your child’s minds? Stay tuned for our next article!