June 2015 Holiday Camp!

English Champ June 2015 Holiday Camp

Here we have the beautiful season of school holidays! The best thing a child could do is to relax, explore and have fun.

This June, we have come up with a series of camps with just that in mind. Each series of these camps are filled with fun games and activities to help stimulate the child’s growth in specific areas.

Here are details:

June 1-3 (Monday to Wednesday)
Language Arts
Speech & Language Development
Fee: RM180


  • Develops language, cognitive skills, and gross and fine motor skills
  • Reinforcement on alphabet recognition and word families for ages 2-3; consonant recognition and vowels, and high frequency words and flashcards for ages 4 to 5; and speech development using simple sentences, complex and compound sentences for ages 5 and 6.
  • Speech development focusing on pronunciation and enunciation


  • Warming up activities using tongue twister, Laughter Yoga for jaw exercise, brain gym to increase focus and physical activities such as stretching to improve agility
  • Rhyming through Music & Movement and Show & Tell using sensory activities
  • Builds coordination and processing of directions through games and puzzles

June 4-5 (Thursday and Friday)
Creepy Crawlies
Learning through Sensory
Fee: RM140


  • Develops language, cognitive skills, and gross and fine motor skills
  • Sensorial development for hearing, sight, touch, taste, and smell.
  • Learning about parts of insects, life cycle, habitats, similarities and differences



  • Making a maze using play dough, clay play
  • Using tissue rolls to connect into a pipe and letting a ball/marble flow
  • Planting a vegetable garden
  • Using kinetic sand to bury and hunt for insects
  • Insect kit using magnifying glass and identifying their features

June 8-10 (Monday and Wednesday)
Making Music
Music Appreciation
Days 1 & 2: Learning the Ukelele (ages 4 to 8) & Learning Percussions for (ages 2 & 3)

Day 3: Activities inspired by “The Sound of Music” (all ages)

Fee: RM200 (to top-up RM95 for a ukulele for ages 4 to 8)

June 2015 Holiday Camp! 1

General Objectives:

Exposure to various genres of music – classical, jazz, rock, pop, folk, alternative, country, dance, hip-hop, reggae, etc.

Exposure to string, wind instruments and percussions – keyboard, violin, ukulele, resonator, recorder, kazoo

Introduction of Songs by “The Sound of Music” for Day 3

Correlation of sounds to feelings and body using movements

Using materials to make own music instruments

Patterning and ensemble

Ages 4 to 8

Music with Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear on pitching, basic musicianship, counting and rhythmic pattern

I Uke! You programme covers the learning the anatomy of ukulele and basic strumming patterns, learning chords and to perform a four part piece

Learning the keyboard/ piano using Solfege

June 2015 Holiday Camp! 2

Day 3: The Sound of Music

Revisiting the tunes of our all-time favourite movie, “The Sound of Music” whereby children will be singing to Do-a Deer, My Favourite Things, Edelweiss, So Long Farewell, Sixteen Going On Seventeen, Climb Every Mountain learning to read notes, pitching, vocal control, rhythm and action.

Start Time

9:00 am


Finish Time

5:00 pm



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