ICAS English and Writing workshops 2018


At English Champ, we offer annual workshops to help ICAS participants familiarise themselves with the assessment format. We will cover past year papers whilst sharing effective techniques that help them in their assessment. These techniques will help them better manage the short amount of time allotted to complete the paper. Read further for more details about the workshops alongside a few testimonials from our previous students.

Edit: Due to overwhelming response, we have decided to open up two classes for our ICAS Writing Workshop. This is to enable more children to benefit from our workshop and still be able to receive effective personal guidance from our educators. Feel free to share this news with your friends whose children may be keen to improve themselves in their writing capabilities. A gentle reminder that the first ICAS workshop will commence this Sunday (29 April), so please give us a call at 03 7725 9255 or 013-2928 251 to register your child.

Start Time

4:00 pm


Finish Time

5:00 pm



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