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Your Child Can Start Reading In 28 Days!

Do you sometimes wonder if your child has the necessary skills to start reading?

Or you see that your child is ready to start reading, and you would like to give them an encouraging start on this journey?

Let E-Champ Readers program kick-starts your child’s reading today with our proprietary 3 simple and proven steps – input, retention, and output.  

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Why Is E-Champ Readers Effective?

E-Champ Readers start from the basics of letter names, sounds and correspondence to objects. It then gradually progresses to short words and simple sentences.

The goal of the E-Champ Readers programme is to build a strong foundation for your child in reading.

This programme is specially designed to incorporate learning for the left and right hemisphere of the brain.

The conscious and subconscious mind activation in learning, creates a lifelong learner.

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What Is The Structure Of E-Champ Readers?

The E-champ Readers programme consists of 4 levels.

Throughout the levels, we use storytelling, music, movements, and activity sheets to open your child’s mind and heart to learning.

This activities create an accelerated learning experience to your child, cultivating a lifelong learner at the end of the program.

If your child is ready to read, it will take 28 days for them to activate their minds and embrace the fun world of reading!

If your child is still at the input stage, your child can start with Level 1 and be further assessed if he or she is ready to progress to the next level.

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What Are The Benefits Of E-Champ Readers Programme?

ü Your child will love reading English prints and books.

ü Your child will have positive association with learning in general.

ü You will learn techniques and gain tools to help your child be a reader and lifelong learner. 

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Course Fee And Structure

The E-Champ Programme consists of 4 levels, and the course fee per level is
at a very affordable price of only RM320.

Level 1 - Lively Letters (For 2 years old and above)

Learning about the relationships of letters with sounds and correspondence to objects

Level 2 - Word Families (For 3 years old and above)

Learning about the relationships of the three-letter words

Level 3 - Consonant Blends (For 4 year olds and above)

Learning to blend the letters

Level 4 - Diphthongs (For 4 year olds and above)

Learning about the relationships of the vowels

When Is The Next Intake?

Level 1 starts NOW!

Sign up before 18 April to be entitled to an early bird discount of RM50!

First 20 sign-ups receive a FREE one-on-on session of 45 minutes with our master reading coach valued at RM150. 

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Raving Testimonials From Parents

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English Champ is doing its best by having the online platform for the learners. We have not expected that they would continue teaching even during MCO. We are grateful for this initiative as this has now become part of daily educational routine.”- Jasmine, Mother of Jayce from Philippines.

What Is The Secret Formula Of E-Champ Readers?

All it takes is just an hour a day with E-Champ Readers.

It is really that simple.

We are very confident in our formula and program simply because…

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In the past 25 years, we have used the E-Champ Readers Program to help over 1000 learners from 23 countries start reading!

Let us help your child to start reading today!

Ready To Have Your Child Experience The Joy And Happiness In Books?

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  1. Is my child is ready to start this program?

Your child must first be able to identify objects which are the same and different.

Click here for some sample questions to assess if your child has the skills.

  1. What is the youngest age to start?

For most children, they would be able to start at about the age of two.

Again, your child would first need to be able to identify objects which are the same and different.

  1. My child cannot sit still for more than 10 minutes. Can I still register him/ her?

It is normal for a young child to not be able to sit still for more than 10 minutes.

In fact, we would be extremely worried if a child sits still for too long.

All children require movement for their brain to work and develop. This is why our program is unique because we can cater to learners of all types – visual, auditory and kinestetic learners.

  1. My child is a special needs learner. Can he or she participate in the program?

Everyone is a unique learner and this program caters to all types of learners.

We have taught learners who fall within the autism spectrum disorder, down-syndrome, spinal muscular atrophy, attention deficit disorder, dyslexia and global developmental delay.

As such, if your child would be able to identify objects which are the same and different, your child should be able to participate in this program, with your full involvement.

  1. Great! I want to register my child for the program. Where do I go next?

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6. I would like to ask some questions. Is there a way to contact your team at English Champ?

Sure. You can reach us using the following methods:

Send Us A Whatsapp Message = +60132928251

Or Email us at aileen@englishchamp.com.my