Our 5 pillars of practice

L ove them

E xplore with them

A ttend to their needs

R espect them

N urture them

Features that makes us the Preferred English Learning Centre

DNA for Success 1

International and up-to-date materials

Our R&D team consistently updates the materials and incorporate the latest topics into our lessons. This is especially important so that our next generation are aware of the current issues happening around the world to teach them to understand the cause and effect of one’s decisions/actions. Through these materials, we shape the mind of our future generation.

DNA for Success 2

Dedicated and friendly teachers

A positive attitude in a parent/guardian/teacher makes a world of difference in your child’s life. With a dedicated mentor, your child continues to strive for greater heights and would never give up on himself as long as the teacher continues reaching out to him. Such precious relationship between a teacher and your child will create a fun and loving learning environment which will in turn help increase his/her learning ability.

DNA for Success 3

Library access

We have over 1,500 titles in our library consisting of books for age one onwards – Dora series, Scholastic books, Spot series, for pre-schoolers; books written by story-telling masters including all-time favourites Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl, JK Rowlings, to literature works of Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, Charles Dickens and many more. To inculcate the love for reading in our students, we encourage them to borrow books home each week for their reading pleasure.

DNA for Success 4

Clean and safe environment

We have age-appropriate furniture, materials and toys for the pre-schoolers as well as clean facilities including waiting area, pantry, toilets. Our wooden flooring is suitable for children with medical conditions e.g. allergies, sensitive skin.

DNA for Success 5

Fun and engaging activities

We include many activities in our syllabi to keep things fun and interesting for the children. Activities such as speech and drama, circle time, show and tell, team building games, and arts and crafts play a big role in the children’s learning as they accommodate all sorts of learning styles. We also keep an eye out for new and effective activities that may be helpful in providing a more holistic approach to learning and apply them where appropriate.

DNA for Success 6

Age-appropriate materials

Our collection of teaching materials appeal to a variety of age groups. They are effective as an alternative medium to learning and understanding through hands-on games and activities.

DNA for Success 7

Sensory room

A room dedicated for the children to be dirty and free to play with mud and water.