Particulars for All Ages

Particulars of children

Particulars of parents

Instructions for Parents

  1. Testing duration should be a maximum of 45 minutes.
  2. We would like to understand the true capabilities of your child. As such kindly allow the child to attempt the assessment independently. No guidance should be provided to the child with regards to the assessment unless for technical issues.
  3. The child should answer what they are able to and skip the sections that he/she does not comprehend. If the child is struggling on a question, he/she can be advised to move on to the next question instead.
  4. While attempting the assessment, the child should rely on own knowledge and should NOT: use any dictionary, search for external information (internet, reference books, encyclopedias etc.)

The Benefits of This Assessment

This assessment allows us to understand the child’s level of writing and creativity. If you are looking to prepare your child for international school writing assessments, we are also able to advise on the child’s readiness based on the results of this assessment.

How can we support?

Contact us to set a non-obligatory and complimentary 30-minute appointment where we will discuss the results of the assessment, going into detail on the strengths of your child and challenges they are facing. We will also provide recommendations for suitable Champ Writer classes for your child so that your child may hone his/her strengths and work on the challenges.

Pointers for the Child

  1. Don’t take too long for one question. If you are unsure, just move on.
  2. There are no wrong answers for the writing section. The most important thing is to be creative!

A. Comprehension

Read the story. Then answer the questions below in full sentences.

The Squirrel

Champ Writers Online Assessment (Lower Primary: ages 7-9) 1

There is a squirrel that comes to my garden every evening. The squirrel is brown. It has black stripes on its tail. The squirrel always jumps up the bushes and eats the leaves. It is a pest as the leaves become lesser and lesser. After eating, it will scamper away.

B. Grammar

Fill in the blanks by choosing one of the given answers.

C. Writing

Write 5 sentences about the picture below.

Champ Writers Online Assessment (Lower Primary: ages 7-9) 2