English Champ Little Yellow Flower Campaign
19 April

Little Yellow Flower Feeding Programme

Dear all, just sharing this fundraising event organised by The Little Yellow Flower. To know more about the foundation, please visit their website here and their Facebook page here or feel free to contact us at 0132928251 (Aileen), and we can refer you to the …

26 June

What is Brain Gym and how it helps the children

According to Wikipedia, Brain Gym is a program involving a sequence of activities believed to improve academic performance. The 26 Brain Gym activities are claimed to foster eye teaming, spatial and listening skills, hand-eye coordination, and whole-body flexibility, and so …

26 June


Oh LeWen is only nine but he has written and published his debut book, ‘Anthony Foxter, Teenage Spy’. The protagonist, Foxter is full of personalities and wits. He is on a mission to search for a destructive nuclear bomb, enduring …