21 December

Books for Sale

These books are looking for a new owner! We are going to let go of the following preloved books:– Life World Library series (15 books)– Life Nature Library series (7 books)– Great Ages of Man series (2 books) We are …

04 November

(2017) Note from the Director

Prologue A little girl skipped merrily as she passed through a small opening of a picket fence and stepped into the most beautiful garden you can ever imagine. The early morning rays beamed down on the colourful flowers around her. …

English Champ Little Yellow Flower Campaign
19 April

Little Yellow Flower Feeding Programme

Dear all, just sharing this fundraising event organised by The Little Yellow Flower. To know more about the foundation, please visit their website here and their Facebook page here or feel free to contact us at 0132928251 (Aileen), and we can refer you to the …