Particulars for All Ages

Section 1: Particulars of Children

Section 2: Particulars of Parents

The Benefits of This Assessment

These questions are meant to help you understand your child better. Please allocate about 30 minutes of your quiet time (perhaps early in the morning or late at night when your child is asleep) to do a reflection about your child. This exercise will help you see your child as he/she is at present, remove judgements about your child and yourself, and remove expectations on your child. The information from this exercise will allow you to assess your child’s present developmental needs and at the same time, assist us to be able to guide and support you in your journey in becoming a better parent. A better parent is a parent who is aware on the difference between a child’s needs versus wants, and be mindful on how he/she responds to the child’s needs. This information will also equip you with better parenting skills which will help your child to grow and be a happy individual.

Moving Forward

You and your spouse/ partner may do the assessment separately. Thereafter, arrange a time to look through your answers together to see if your observations and preferences about your child are aligned with your spouse/ partner. Take this as an opportunity to align your parenting styles and objectives.

How can we support?

Contact us to set a non-obligatory and complimentary 30-minute assessment where we will discuss your observations about your child and help you to understand your child’s developmental needs. Should you wish to extend the session longer, and/or expand on the discussion with regard to your child’s developmental needs and provide you with steps and suggestions on how to address certain challenges that you are facing, a consultation fee of RM100 per hour shall be charged for our consultation services.


Do this with an open mind and heart. Remember that as a parent, you are doing the best you can based on your available resources. You are now moving forward and nearer to you achieving your goal as a better parent!

A. Please answer as close as possible

B. Use this guide as answers to the following section:

A. Very confident, works independently and has fully mastered the skills/ concepts

B. Confident, moderately independent, needs assurance from time to time, knows when to ask for help in completing tasks, mastering the skills/ concepts

C. In the process of developing confidence, learning to work independently but requires minimal guidance to complete tasks, beginning to grasp the skills/ concepts

D. Needs to work on confidence, requires guidance in completing most of the given tasks, still trying to grasp the skills/ concepts

E. Skills/ concepts are not relevant at this point of time

C. Tell us more in your own words