2019 Year-End Holiday Programmes

For ages 2 to 10

For ages 6 to 12

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Hello to the World of Communication (9am-12pm), RM350/week, RM70/day

Our little scientists and little historians learn to connect the science behind telecommunication through exploration using their five senses to understand physics in a fun and engaging way. They learn about vibrations and sound waves, and the evolution of communication tools from the days of the Morse code to the modern era where technology has helped information travel at the speed of light.

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6 Thinking Hats (2pm-5pm), RM280/week, RM80/day

In our Champ Writers workshop entitled “6 Thinking Hats”, your child will learn problem-solving strategies to manage his life and organise better. She will be introduced to various perspectives in solving problems and strategies to express her ideas. Your child will also be taught presentation skills to effectively showcase her unique ideas and connect with the audience.

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Weaving Poets (9am-12pm), RM280/week, RM70/day

Our little weavers and little poets learn to connect their heart and head through their fingers, movement and voices. English Champ provides an immersive learning environment revolving around the theme of this holiday camp, ‘Weaving Poets ’ where learners learn to weave from different types of fabrics to create dream catchers and more in the first two days. Learners will also be exposed to a thrilling experience of using their own body and movement to weave. In the following two days, learners will be brought into the magical world of crafting poetry and for those who are ready, they can begin their journey of poetry slam.

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My Story Book (2pm-5pm), RM280/week, RM80/day

Welcome to Champ Writers Workshop where your child can learn the skillsets to write and speak effectively. Let your child gain confidence through our step-by-step module in creative writing. In our Champ Writers holiday workshop entitled “My Story Book”, your child will learn to create his own story book with interesting characters, descriptive setting and an exciting plot, and confidently use and understand the different elements that make up writing a narrative.