(2017) Note from the Director

(2017) Note from the Director 1


A little girl skipped merrily as she passed through a small opening of a picket fence and stepped into the most beautiful garden you can ever imagine. The early morning rays beamed down on the colourful flowers around her. Every blade of grass danced in unison to the gentle rhythm of the wind. Trotting behind her was an even littler boy squealing in delight. He paused and stooped down towards the ground. With his head parallel to the ground, he clawed a few bugs out from the ground and smiled.

(2017) Note from the Director 2

Colours of the Kids’ is our chosen theme for 2018 as it serves as an important reminder for us to embrace the differences in one another. Children are to be treated equally and yet differently. They are respected, their rights valued and at the same time, they are different just like how the fingerprints of all human beings are different. There should not be a one-size-fits-all approach in the education system and hence, every child is entitled to special nurturing needs. The differing backgrounds; colourful personalities; various abilities; intricate perceptions of life;and many ideas be it orthodox or unorthodox, should allow us the opportunity to learn, understand and grow in knowledge and wisdom but has instead drifted us apart due to the gap in the system that would have otherwise allowed us to accept, value and make a positive impact in each other’s lives.


With dirt in the little boy’s nail beds, he extended his right hand swiftly and clasped the hand of the girl, and hand in hand, they walked down the path, towards the direction of the rising sun.

By Aileen Hoe

Co-Founder and Director of English Champ

4 November 2017