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Testimonial by Shee Yi Rong, aged 12, Gold medalist for 2017 ICAS Writing and High Distinction for 2017 ICAS English


English Champ has helped me tremendously in becoming who I am today. I attended both ICAS English and Writing workshops this year. The teachers are extremely friendly and willing to help out in any situation. They are definitely great teachers who have high standards and — of course — high expectations. English Champ has been the main reason for my high achievements to date. I hope to continue improving my English through their lessons and workshops.


Testimonial by Belinda, Mother of Samantha Quah, aged 10, Gold medallist for 2017 ICAS Writing


Thanks to English Champ and Teacher Christine for conducting the intensive ICAS Writing workshop. It has helped Samantha to improve on her overall writing skills, particularly on the text structure for various genre. The gold medal award is definitely an important milestone for her lifelong writing journey. Thanks again!


Testimonial by Grace Chai, Mother of Derrick Chou, aged 10

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After joining Champ Writers for 7 months, Derrick’s writing skill has improved thanks to Teacher Christine. I hope to see more improvement in the future. I appreciate the effort from both Derrick and his teacher.


English Champ Test2 2012

English Champ Test1 2012

“Thank you so much for the time and personal attention that you gave to Thasha in the Writing Workshop. Your time and dedication made it possible for her to achieve a good score in her ICAS writing exams. And your ability to include her in discussions made it fun for her.”
Virmala, Mother of Thasha, aged 9  from Taman Tun Dr Ismail

“Children in most households can speak English, likewise for Claryss. Putting spoken into written works to many is quite a daunting task but Claryss enjoys doing it. Teacher Christine has given her a broader spectrum of the language other than just creative writing. In between grammars and essays, they manage to analyse and had written a book, bringing Claryss to a new level of literary appreciation and comprehension.
Monica Lu, mother of Claryss Kuan aged 10
Double Gold Medalist for 2010 ICAS Writing and English

“The workshop was enlightening for me and taught me many things; methods of writing, figurative language and so many other things that I can’t pen down. As a plus, I also made friends in the process! All these handles, I believe, were essential in snagging my completely unexpected gold medal for ICAS writing! Thank you for all your help English Champ!!”
Debra Grace Lim aged 12
Gold Medalist for 2010 and 2011 ICAS Writing

I am Kim from South Korea.  I am lucky to have studied English with Teacher Christine and Teacher Aileen at Literacy World in 2009.  My English has improved because the teachers are very kind and have the abilities to teach well.  The centre’s curriculum is excellent not only for beginners like me but also for good speakers of English.

I would really recommend anyone to study English in Literacy World because you would be able to improve your English.  Even if you do not know English at all, do not worry. If you study there for a month, you would gain confidence in using English!
Kim from South Korea

It’s a real blessing to have Teacher Aileen as Kyra’s tutor. It’s every parent’s nightmare when it comes to the academic performance for their children and you and your team have proven to provide my daughter with reading skills necessary to succeed in her exams effortlessly. Kyra has gained more confidence in her class now and has progressed tremendously under your guidance. I can’t thank you enough for your patience and gentle approach with her.
Liza, Mother of Kyra Adrianna Faisal, aged 6 from Kota Damansara

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