English Champ

Little Champ

Little Champ aims to cultivate basic literacy skills in 4 to 6 year old children and improve their overall proficiency in the English language. We use a step-by-step approach to develop reading and writing skills as well as inculcate the love for reading.

The activities in this programme include:

Show and Tell (including story-telling)

Your child will learn to pronounce words clearly and retell main aspects of a story.

Flash Cards

Your child will be able to identify and use initial sounds to make words as well as gain recognition of letters and sounds.

Music and Movement

Your child learns faster and absorbs better through music and rhythm, and the muscular movements would help with the control of bodily motions.

Thematic Activities

Your child will learn more effectively by focusing on one theme per month. This improves vocabulary and they learn to link words and gain a general understanding of the theme itself.

IQ Games and Puzzles

These build your child’s multiple intelligences, promoting reasoning capabilities, analytical skills, inferring skills, scientific thinking and the ability to perform complex tasks.

Team-building activities

Your child will learn to work with other children.

We Make Learning Fun!