English Champ

Junior Champ & Magnificent Champ

Junior Champ (6-12 years old) & Magnificent Champ (12-17 years old)

Junior Champ students in a discussion

Junior Champ students in a discussion

We teach reading, writing, speaking and listening skills through:

1. Worksheets covering text passages, comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and writing:

Enhance your child’s critical literacy skills.

2. Speech & Drama:

Your child will be able to engage in role play of characters from texts.

3. Presentation Skills:

Your child will be able to discuss and present in front of an audience a range of topics confidently and in a logical manner.

4. Circle Time:

Enhance your child’s problem solving skills and speed thinking to link story lines.

5. Audio:

Your child will be able to capture words and meanings quickly.

6. Spelling/ Dictation:

Promote your child’s simultaneous listening and writing skills.

7. Book Review:

Your child will be introduced to books of various genres and learn to appreciate literature works by famous local and international writers.

8. Theatre Games and Puzzles:

Enhance your child’s analytical and inference skills through fun and enjoyable methods.

9. and many more fun activities

Your child must be assessed to determine competency level. Classes are two hours per session, once a week.


Feel free to contact us (03 7725 9255) or visit us for fee details and further information about our programmes.

We Make Learning Fun!