English Champ

Creative Writing



Course Outline

Course Objective

This programme is intended to help the students to acquire better writing skills to write specific text form or genre. Students need structure and guidance to help them develop a range of strategies and skills.  This will help them improve their confidence and creativity in writing.

Course Methodology

This programme employs learning techniques which include active learning strategies to facilitate understanding, retention and output. Students will participate actively in individual, pair work and group activities which allow them to learn, develop and practise their creative writing skills.

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Week Modules Objectives Focus
1 Writing Process;

Planning, Revising & editing checklist

Students learn to identify and understand the steps in the writing process; and what to include in their plans; to revise, edit and publish. Prewriting





2 – 8


Descriptive & Narrative Writing;


Students learn the elements of writing, mind mapping and brainstorming to create a descriptive and narrative essay.


Students analyse sample writing to edit; and as models for self-improvement.


They take notice of sensory details and use figurative language to make their writing more powerful.


Students will be able to understand the usage of new paragraphs for each new speaker and how to write dialogues correctly and in a more interesting way.


Character sketches

Sensory words

Descriptive words and phrases


Figurative language



Writing process

9 & 10 Instructional Writing Students will be able to use a range of organisational features and time connectives to give clear directions.


Students analyse sample writing to edit; and as models for self-improvement.

Time connectives

Concise words

Writing process

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