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Little Champ Programme

Programme Structure and Benefits Flashcards Carried out in groups and one-on-one Classroom teacher charts weekly reading progress for each child Exposes your child to sight words and phonics Introduces vocabulary related to the theme for the month   A teacher demonstrating the correct reading strategies by using a finger to point to the alphabets while […]

Meet our October Star Champ!

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Why is sex education important? How can parents and teachers work together?

Why is sex education important? How can parents and teachers work together? Sex Education is the process of acquiring information and forming attitudes and beliefs about sex, sexual identity, relationships and intimacy. Sex education is also about developing young people’s skills so that they make informed choices about their behavior, and feel confident and competent […]

The importance of very involved parents in your child’s life.

The importance of very involved parents in your child’s life. Parents are their children’s most important teachers, guides, and advocates. Parents’ opinions and actions play an important role in shaping their child’s development. Being an involved parent means guiding and connecting with our children. Effective parents try to be involved in both their child’s formal […]

What is Brain Gym and how it helps the children

What is Brain Gym and how it helps the children According to Wikipedia, Brain Gym is a program involving a sequence of activities believed to improve academic performance. The 26 Brain Gym activities are claimed to foster eye teaming, spatial and listening skills, hand-eye coordination, and whole-body flexibility, and so activate the brain for optimal […]


9-YEAR-OLD PUBLISHES A BOOK Oh LeWen is only nine but he has written and published his debut book, ‘Anthony Foxter, Teenage Spy’. The protagonist, Foxter is full of personalities and wits. He is on a mission to search for a destructive nuclear bomb, enduring various adventures along the way. Oh has been taking private lessons […]

Raising Competent Children

Here is an upcoming event which may interest you! A talk will be held on raising a competent child. The talk will be held on the 27th of May (Wednesday) at the SS Gospel Center (Pusat Injil SS). For more information and registration, call 03-77262462. Click here for map. 

June 2015 Holiday Camp!

  Here we have the beautiful season of school holidays! The best thing a child could do is to relax, explore and have fun. This June, we have come up with a series of camps with just that in mind. Each series of these camps are filled with fun games and activities to help stimulate […]

Free Trial Lesson for your friends’ kids!

This may sound like a cliche but it is really as easy as A, B, C. Invite your friends to like us on Facebook and they will be entitled to a free trial class pass for their children and waiver of registration fee (worth RM60)! This promotion is valid throughout September and October 2013 for […]

2013 Year-end Holiday Programme

Mandarin for 2-4 year olds (Only available in BU Branch). Every Monday & Tuesday Time:  9.30 am -12.00 pm English – Kinder Champ (ages 2-4); Little Champ (ages 4-6) Every Wednesday – Friday Time:  9.30 am -12.00 pm Fee Structure:  Existing students of Kinder Champ pays only RM500 for the full 4 weeks 5% group discount of at least 3 pax *Must be the same week and same programme 5% early bird discount *For full payment made before 19 October 2013, Saturday No. of Weeks English RM Mandarin RM English + Mandarin RM 1 150 100 200 2 280 185 350 3 370 250 500 4 420 280 560 *Fees are inclusive of baking ingredients, art & craft materials, worksheets and snacks **For excursion, kindly add RM20 per child for transportation, inclusive of a return trip for one accompanyin […]

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