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February Star Champ 2016 – Musing with music!

This month, our Star Champ Programme will enjoy the musical mentorship of two wonderful musicians and music teachers, Daniel Chim and Tan Yee Lyn. The children will get an opportunity to understand what a musician and music teacher does. At the same time, our guest speakers will help the children kickstart their interests in music. […]

January Star Champ 2016 – Wondering with words!

The Star Champ programme is an opportunity for the children to meet professionals and learn about what they do. The programme aims to increase their knowledge of the world and develop their interests with various professions. On January 29th, Ms. Lovelle Yoon, author of the children’s book “Eegie the Earthworm”, was our first guest speaker. […]

Junior Champ & Magnificent Champ

Junior Champ (6-12 years old) & Magnificent Champ (12-17 years old) We teach reading, writing, speaking and listening skills through: 1. Worksheets covering text passages, comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and writing: Enhance your child’s critical literacy skills. 2. Speech & Drama: Your child will be able to engage in role play of characters from texts. 3. […]

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