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World Play Day 2018

We have an assortment of free-play activities lined up for Friday, Saturday and Monday (25, 26, 28 May 2018). Children who join will be able to play in whatever way they choose, being limited only by their imagination. There will be costumes, blocks, games, as well as ingredients and materials to make slime and dough! If you […]

First Aid and Emergency Care Training June 2018

Dear parents and grandparents, do you think that it is important to be equipped with basic life-saving skills in case of emergencies at home? Teachers and caregivers, if you are taught with a step-by-step approach to handle emergencies when you are with your students, will that give you more confidence when they are in your […]

2017 Year-end Holiday Programmes

English Champ’s 2017 Year-end Holiday Programmes are now open for registration! We have fantastic workshops catered for a variety of age groups. On 5 December, we have Woodworking in the morning with one session for ages 5 to 7 accompanied by their parents, and another for more independent children. They will learn the proper ways to […]

Introducing our 2016 June Holiday Camp!

Here comes what we have all be waiting for, English Champ’s 2016 holiday programme! This time round, we are featuring a five-day event that emphasizes on endangered animals. There will be loads of fun-filled activities that help cultivate a variety of soft skills including baking, where the children will be able to try their hands […]

Updates on The Little Yellow Flower Feeding Programme

English Champ would like to thank its associates, parents and friends, for their generous donation and involvement in the fundraising event the recent Saturday at Mid Valley. For further details about Little Yellow Flower Foundation, please visit www.littleyellowflower.org/ or www.facebook.com/Little-Yellow-Flower-375321805859482/

Vision Therapy: A Key To Unlocking Your Child’s Potential

Children born with visual challenges may not know the difference in their vision. Rather than thinking that it’s due to lack of focus, under-activity or hyperactivity or even learning challenges, have we ever thought that it may be due to the child’s vision or how the brain processes the vision? Do have a look at […]

Little Yellow Flower Feeding Programme

  Dear all, just sharing this fundraising event organised by The Little Yellow Flower. To know more about the foundation, please visit their website here and their Facebook page here or feel free to contact us at 0132928251 (Aileen), and we can refer you to the foundation. English Champ has been working closely with The Little Yellow Flower […]

First Aid and Emergency Care Training

English Champ Bandar Utama will be hosting a First Aid and Emergency Care Training on 28 May 2016. Participants will be able to pick up basic first aid skills and ways to handle an emergency situation which could help save lives! It is only RM250 per head and if you register by 27 April, you will get […]

February Star Champ 2016 – Musing with music!

This month, our Star Champ Programme will enjoy the musical mentorship of two wonderful musicians and music teachers, Daniel Chim and Tan Yee Lyn. The children will get an opportunity to understand what a musician and music teacher does. At the same time, our guest speakers will help the children kickstart their interests in music. […]

January Star Champ 2016 – Wondering with words!

The Star Champ programme is an opportunity for the children to meet professionals and learn about what they do. The programme aims to increase their knowledge of the world and develop their interests with various professions. On January 29th, Ms. Lovelle Yoon, author of the children’s book “Eegie the Earthworm”, was our first guest speaker. […]

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